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Lets all post up some of the good times we all had during the 06 riding season. I know i had a blast and made a few new friends that i look forward to riding with again next season.
I just hope that 07 season doesn't get cut short again due to having too much fun on the ol wheelie rocket.


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more pics..........

These are just a few pics of what made my summer. So lets see some of the good times you had last season, or talk about them anyways.

Oh yeah and to the guys still parkin lot pimpin...........grrrrr.........I wish i was able to join u. I guess ill have to wait.

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It's always good to take a mental holiday from the rain and slush.

A bit of racin'

Some road trippin'

High Desert

High Sierras

A little ride on the coast

She may be old, but she gets me around

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What a great idea for a thread!

At GF's place in False Creek

Trip through Manning Park

Good times in Wine Country

Oregon Coast

Tofino & Island Ride

Looking back I can't believe how much fun this past summer was!

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2006 was a good year, but the unfortunate accidents kept it from being a great year. Got to know a lot of good friends even more, and met some great folks for the first time. Did different versions of the loop at least a dozen times, plus Mt Baker, the Cascades, Mt St Helens and these pics from Oregon.

Let's hope 2007 is even better, but without the tragedies.
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