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Goodbye Chinese MotoGP - Hello Indy MotoGP???

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Maybe a second GP race for the US???:

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Well I guess that means this is your last chance to see this shit. There's a group that are for sure going. Let's hear it people. Who's with us?!!!!
I can see a second US event, but Daytona? The riders themselves would veto it....

I work with the Dorna guys and they are so rabid on safety, I can't see Daytona coming up to standards.
They are talking about Indianapolis Motor Speedway - but they will have the same safety concerns there too.
I knew it! Just like in motocross, as soon as the U.S. started putting the wins on the Europeans the sport took a huge jump here. Hayden (although hated by many) will make the sport grow and gain interest here.:rockon
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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