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Gorilla Cycle Alarm with Remote Transmitter (Part #7007) for sale, $135.

I purchased this motorcycle alarm at Pacific Yamaha for $159.99+tax=$182.39, but after owning it for several months and being too lazy to get off my butt and install it, I'm too late to return it so I'm selling it instead. Well, good news for you! Save over $45 off the original price, and it is still shrink wrapped in the box!

I purchased it to put on my Yamaha R6, but it fits any model of motorcycle. Apparently it takes about 20 minutes to install.

Here's what it says on the box in case it's too hard to read in the picture:
- Powerful 120dB Piezo 5-TONE siren
- 2-Stage Shock Sensor
- Motion Tilt Sensor
- Current Sensor
- LED Warning Light
- Simple installation takes less than 20 minutes
- Compact size fits virtually any motorcycle
- 2-Way Paging System Compatible (2-Way Pager sold separately, Part #1017)

Contact: Heather at 604-833-8047 or [email protected]
Payment Method: Cash or email money transfer
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