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Alright, so I kept my all my gear for an extra year hoping I would be back... skydiving costs and travel plans have put that on hiatus for good as of this spring. :surrender

So here is a list of all the parts + gear Im putting up for sale. Items are MINT except where noted. I took immaculate care of my bikes.

Bike parts are all from my 2002 GSXR and 2005 GSXR's as noted. I regretfully had my r my racebike low side 2 seasons ago and these parts were spares/take offs that I had just purchased. Nothing has more than 2 seasons on em...shame really...

Pictures are available at: http://s96.photobucket.com/user/Adrenalin_Junky/library/
**Email Questions to my gmail as I dont check my PM's: [email protected]

Happy Shopping and Prices are OBO.

2005 1-Battery-YUASA-YT12A-BS MINT $25.00 **SOLD**

2005 1-Power Commander3-USB- MINT $120.00 **SOLD**

1-Speedo Tuner NEW-corrects any Sprocket/Gear Changes etc $75.00

2002 1-Gauge/Speedo USED-1 good tab, 2 cracked $75.00

1-Trickle Charger-Motomaster NEW-Intelligent fully automatic $50.00

2005 2-Levers-Pazzo MINT-Gold w blue adjusters. 1 minor scuff mark $115.00

2005 2-Filter-OEM NEW-16510-03G00-X07 $7.00

2005 2-Levers-Stock MINT $15.00

2005 20+Misc Fairing Bolts MINT Free with other item

2002 1-Fairing-Center Front Inner black $10.00

2005 1-Fairing-Center Front Innter black $10.00

2005 3-Fairing-Center front Inner sides black $10.00

2005 1-Seat-Passenger MINT $25.00 **SOLD**

2002 1-Undertail-Hotbody NEW $85.00 **SOLD**

2005 1-Fairing-Center Under headlight USED $10.00

2005 1-Seat-Rider USED $25.00 **SOLD**

2005 1-Headlight Assembly-Complete w Speedo USED-HID bulb. Speedo has cracked glass $225.00

2005 6pc-Fairing Set-Blue//Black/silver MINT-L,R,Tail, Upper, F Fender, Pass seat cowl $440.00

2005 6pc-Fairing Set-Blue//Black/white MINT-L,R,Tail, Upper, F Fender, Pass seat cowl $375.00

2002 8pc-Fairing Set-Silver Red MINT-L(cracked),R,Tail(scratched),3 Carbon intakes, Gas Tank (scratched) $310.00

1-Cover-Guardian Bike Cover $50.00
1-Jacket-Teknic 48-Blue/Black Liner, pit zips, pant zipper, back pad $50.00

1-Jacket-Joe Rocket-XS-Black/Baby blue NEW-Jet Set-Womens-XS cw pit zips, liner, pant zipper, back pad $170.00

1-Helment-HJC CS12 USED-Chromium Visor, good Passenger Spare $40.00

2-Gloves-Joe Rocket XL-Carbon Carbon Knuckles, 1 wear hole LH $50.00

2-Gloves-Teknic-M-Carbon MINT $80.00

Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Front + Rear) $100
Full set of Brake Pads $25
Spare Clutch (Complete) $50
2002 Passenger Seat

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Also have full set of brand new Front and Rear Brake Pads, stainless steel brake lines, and a spare clutch for an 05 GSXR.
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