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Before all the "jerkin it" jokes ... ahha :flip .... here goes the question...

I changed my handgrips to "ProGrip Gels" yesterday and it's slipping slightly, do you guys have any suggestions on how to fix this problem or is my only answer is to use the old "wire" trick... by twisting a couple coils of wires on each grip????

:confused :confused

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First off did you clean the bar and the inside of the grip out? I use Windex to clean away any release agent on my motorcycle and bicycle grips before pushing them on with a little Windex as a lube.

If you're sure they were clean or you redid them and they still slip then the bicycle shops sell grip glue for mountain bikes. I wouldn't be surprised if the dirt bike shops have something similar too. And if you don't mind having to cut them away to remove later on there is always a thin wipe of contact cement. Just be sure to get the grips on while the glue is still wet so it acts like a lube.

I've never had to resort to glue yet but then I haven't used gel grips yet either.

PS; I just remembered that my local bycycle shop mechanic uses hair spray both to help remove grips and as a lube/glue for installing them. Just be sure to get the non-scented version if you try this otherwise I won't be held responsible for the ensuing comments :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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