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Happy Birthday 'dawson'

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NOVEMBER 15/79-MAY 11/04
Today would be Dawson's 27th Birthday...
Ryan we miss you so much every day, and still don't know what happened that fateful morning, corner of Willingdon and Burke St. @6:50 am...
The pain of these past 2 1/2 years is still unbearable..
Another birthday, another day of remembering your vibrant smile and sparkling personality that lit up a room the minute you entered..
We your family will never forget you, your smile, your love for life.
Today we will celebrate without you.
Happy Birthday, Ryan Dawson,

from your family @friends..
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Thank you

+1 ...

My thoughts are with ya's. I know it gets only a -very- tiny bit easier as time passes but 'special dates' like birthdays, christmas... are surely tougher days than most.

Take Care,
Thank you Charles, you always have something so nice to say, and really do make me feel a little better just knowing someone out there still reads my posts...one day i hope to find out what happened to Ryan that morning, and just maybe someone will remember something by reading about my pain from the loss of our son..
thank you again.
The Dawson's
thank you

thinking about you debbie and brian, i know nothing i say will be of any help, but you both know i feel your pain, love cody's mom sharon, i hope our angels are riding together.........
Sharon, I know you feel the pain too...I feel we were meant to meet because of the loss of our boys..our friendship will always be cherished by me..and i know you feel the same way...
will give you a big hug for remembering Ryan's day...thanks
see you soon,
Deb---Dawson's mom
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