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$100 CDN

This is a brand new Anritsu/Wiltron case with NEW/UNCUT foam insert that securely holds whatever you put in it. Get some 1 inch foam and layer it to make a really custom fit. It makes a pretty kick ass weekend bag too. Pretend you're some bad ass SAS officer here to take care of some bidness. It would be good to stow a gun, paintball, camera, spare kidney etc.

The case is brand new. It's black. It's lockable and YES it can be checked as carry on luggage on aircraft. Made from rotomolded high impact resin, it's waterproof and dustproof. Has a gasket between the halves and seals damn tight. It does have an atmospheric compensation valve.

The foam insert is brand new and unused.

Suggested Retail for this case is $249.00 USD. I want $100 CDN. It doesn't fit all my gear and I'm buying bigger.

MINIMUM -10° F (-23° C) MAXIMUM +210° F (+99° C)

INSIDE 18-15/16" x 14-7/16" x 7-3/4"
(48.1 cm x 36.7 cm x 19.7 cm)
OUTSIDE 20-11/16" x 17-3/16" x 8-9/16"
(52.5 cm x 43.6 cm x 21.7 cm)
LID DEPTH 1-13/16" (4.6 cm)
CASE DEPTH 5-15/16" (15 cm)

Floats in salt water with 70 lbs. (31.8 kg) load
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