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Have you ever lost....?

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The other day I lost my watch while riding. I also constantly check to see if my Mono seat is locked in and still in place every so often. So is it just me?

Have you ever gotten to work or home from a long ride and something fell off your bike? (Seat, bag, helmet, passenger)
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my garage door opener fell outta my pocket while I was on the number 1 hwy :( ever since then I constantly check if my pockets are zipped up
sunglasses. a bottle of advil. breath mints. quite a few packages of cigarettes. the occasional bolt. :/

:laughing I was the lost passenger once :eek He dropped me off at about 200Kph all i had was the passenger handles ... he didn't notice until about 40-50 K later. He shall never live it down to this day :laughing
I've lost sunglasses before, muy own stupidity, left them sitting on the tank and rode away....
My wallet from my unzipped tank bag, never found.
My gear shifter on my old Harley, shook right off

I also lost my sanity a few times but regained it soon thereafter.
wallet...and after 7 months, was recovered with everything in it! well minus the 80 bucks!!!
I lost a large magnet from my tank bag. I found it 5 days later on one of my folks.
That was a little odd.
$100 once, bag of weed, Rage Against The Machine hat, sunglass (3), another $250.
I give most items(cowling, seat, pockets, ect) a quick check before taking off, that way I am not thinking about whether the cowling is still there or not.

If I am using any bungies then after a few k I stop and check for tightness and stability. Other than that I just ride.

About 10 years ago my friend had the aftermarket fairing lower tear off his FZ750 while riding, LOL- his story is pretty good.

Yesterday on a ride up the canyon a friends pipe fell off his Buell. LOL- we picked it up, stuffed it back on then hit a Kal Tire at the next town for some new nuts and locktight. Yes a harley started to fall apart, how strange. :)
One of my fairing piece (access door) on the Hurricane flew off on Hwy 1.

Sunglasses case from unzipped tank bag.

$20 from unzipped pocket.
I had a loaf of french bread sticking out of my backpack. It started shifting around on the way home and I wasnt able to make it to the next light to fix the problem and I watched it fall onto the road in my rear view. A SUV was behind me and decided to swerve around it instead of just running it over and all the traffic behind him followed suit as well
Ya my $400 pos cell phone last week, still pissed off aboot it!
:laughing I was the lost passenger once :eek He dropped me off at about 200Kph all i had was the passenger handles ... he didn't notice until about 40-50 K later. He shall never live it down to this day :laughing
WTF, ouch. hopefully u had leathers on.
one day, I was riding east through UBC highway back home. Once I was home, I usually take my wallet out of my jacket pocket. doh! I realized I forgot to zip my jacket pocket up and my wallet must have dropped out somewhere on the road.
A couple minutes later,

I get a phone call from a police lady from the UBC local police station saying a good samaritan driving behind me, saw my wallet fall out of my pocket while I was riding on UBC highway, and he/she picked up my wallet with cards and reciepts littered all across the highway, and brought it to the police station.

The police lady even told me she had to do some research to even get my cell phone number by calling contact cards found in my wallet. (she eventually called my girlfriend to get my number because I had a lot of her business cards in my wallet, go figure)

To think this good person took the time to endanger their life, picking up as much stuff as they could of my belongings on a highway, and turning around to drive all the way back to the police station in UBC is amazing. It says a lot about this person.

To the person who did this for me, I really want to say thank you!
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WTF, ouch. hopefully u had leathers on.
:laughing I wish i had leather pants on at the time. Nope just a leather jacket and whole lot of road rash on the lower half. I learned my lesson never be a passenger again.
I Lost My Licence Riding

I used to leave my wallet loose in the tail section. On one ride my drivers licence slipped out of the wallet and must have gone between the plastic "tub" and the rear cowl/fairing and fallen out onto the road. That's the true story of how I lost my licence from riding.

Another time I locked my key in the tail section.

Do these idiotic examples count?
Had an interesting loss of gear from my bike

Vmax sport/cruiser with sissy bar/rack put my semi-hard bag w/ my digital camera and other effects strap my coat(squid) over top with a bungee... for a trip to white rock from New west

I go over the queensburough over ot nordell and have a lady waving me down so I pull over and look...bungee came loose my 400 dollar jacket and bag with some gear and camera apparently flew off at start of queensburough bridge

I thanked the lady and now I had to travel to river road to make my way back around to beginning of queensburough bridge

as soon as I get on the bike, a pick up truck pulls behind me and waves me over, they have all my gear...OMFG, couldnt believe the honesty, and thanked them profusely, tossed em some cash to buy some beer

get to my destination to discover my digital camera (GONE) wtf...bag was zipped and unzipped when they gave it to me(said they were looking for my wallet)..its a hard shelled bag...camera wrapped in clothes no way it fell out.. the fackers stole my digital camera of all things

At least I got my jacket(400 bucks) and case back (150) but sadly lost my camera/pictures G/F and I on a mt baker run

I cant believe they actually stopped and gave some of it back to me and swiped my cam

strangest thing !!! beat that story !!!
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oh once I had a break in on my car on van island, took my wallet from under the seat, went for a walk in the park, didnt need it

replaced everything...8 months later , I get my mangled DL in an envelope mailed from a recycling plant in washington state

apparently they tossed it in a recycle bin on the island and I guess apparently all our recycling goes to the states....who knew
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