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Have you seen my baby ?

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Well my number finally came up . Man it took forever for the theives to get to me, but I guess their busy and just tryin to do the best they can to sevice the lowermain land. And a special thanks for stealing my bike now and not say..last month ,when I had a higher declared value on my regular insurance.

Any way the bike was mostly stock with Watsen signals,zero grav screen and
a rare ART pipe.
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I was stolen from my underground....Yah I know ,but Its not a rental building
and its been very safe for years. It apears as an inside job as there was no damage to our gate.

Would I like it back ? Sure if it wasn't thrash. The bike was mint,16k on it and
had the suspension cranked up just right for my 250 lbs.

I don't think I'll ever see it again, but the memoirs of the rides will always remain .

Sorry this happened to ya, having just financially recovered from the 'attempted' theft of my own bike. Mine was an 'inside job', with at least one of the thieves sharing an apartment in my building. Once the guy was busted, we experienced a sudden spike in smash-n'-grabs from cars in the parkade because this guy was suddenly out of a job. 41 cars in 10 days. That's a lot of glass and a lot of cash in insurance deductibles. Every car except mine (newly alarmed, locked, & caged) was broken into. :rolleyes

Just my 2kms here but based personal experience, if you think it was an inside job and/or suspect the thieves come here: keep your comments to a dull roar until you have a better idea of who you're dealing with. Don't lay down the gauntlet and challenge them. In my case (as some of you may recall) I did and things got way out of hand. I almost got myself killed. (No, really.) The local lower-level idiots taunting me turned out to be working for a pro ring, levels of which I'm sure are still in business. It's quite an industry with many layers. Were it not for the VPD, I'd still be 'traveling' as I did for several weeks after my incident. Unfortunately, I still have to move. FWIW, just leave the matter to the VPD and ICBC.

Please don't flame me. ;)
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