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about to pop ,

cant blame him,but its been said ,,if he had padded his points lead a bit more and didnt have to go nuts to hold off a guy coming from 51 points behind ,he may not be in that position .

either way--- justifiable homocide

pretty composed ,give him props for that at least

· Ya, whatever.
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Too bad for Nicky but he has been lucky. Only two wins for Nicky, Pedrosa two wins, Marcos three wins, Capirossi three wins( he's almost a Rossi, just lose the cap), Rossi five win's. Rossi is still the man.

Looks like Dani fucked up big time, came in too hot and bounced off the curb. Rossi is the master of stealing the line under braking like last season's collision with Giberneau only Giberneau didn't see him coming.

Here's the master at work stuffing his mate, Capirossi. I love how far Rossi pushes it without losing it. Dani needs some mileage still before pulling it off.

It will be a good last race. I wonder how Nicky will do. The pressure is on and the stalker will mess with his brain.
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