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Welcome :flip....been riding since april 2000, did 25,000+ on my first bike, then 14,000+ on my second bike and not much on the 3rd bike....lol, what to know what happened to #1 and #2 ? well buy me lunch and wil ltel lyou al labout it....lol :flip....offer is open to anyone....wanna buy me lucnh ? :D:D:D:D

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AlphaRed said:
Dez, it's Alfred... let's go riding some time. should be picking up another bike soon.
Sup man, long time no see! Yah, for sure let's go for a ride. My friend is selling his 2001 GSX-R 750, check out the buy & sell section if you're interested.

let me know once you get the new ride!
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