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You're a female rider who has been thinking for a while now about getting out to the Pitt Meadow's Track and Practice Day for the first time.

You're thinking it may be a bit intimidating, or perhaps a bit uncomfortable to get out there among all of those riders, primarily guys.

You're a new rider, and maybe you don't have another female rider to join you.

Well, we know what that's like, so WE'RE HERE TO HELP!!!!!

On August 18th, you'll find a FEMALE RIDERS ONLY area at the Pitt Meadows Track and Practice Day!

A few girls have put together a special area - women only (sorry guys) with a designated canopy for both you, and your bike. We won't be melting from the heat :spinsmile. Nancy, your Organizer, will be in close proximity to the girls only zone. As a former racer, Nancy has been there, and knows full well what it's like to be a female in a predominantly male activity. Not only will she be on hand to encourage and offer great advice, she has arranged to let us do a few laps, GIRLS ONLY!

At the tent awaits a filled cooler of drinks, pink painter's tape for your bike, and other female riders to welcome you.

If you're a new rider, even better! As girls, we know what it's like....we want to improve our ride, but at our own speed and our own comfort levels. Safety is paramount, and in the controlled atmosphere of the practice day we don't have to concern ourselves with others. It is safe, monitored, and all about receiving the benefits of those who know what they're doing. Receive the tips and benefit from the experience of others.....other female riders! We've been there, truly!!

The girls are banding together not only get you the experience you need, but have you feel comfortable while you receive and try out the tips that will take you to the next level of riding skill.

If you've been on the fence about joining what will likely be an experience that will make you the rider you want to be, jump off, and join the girls at the FEMALE RIDERS ONLY area in Pitt Meadows on Saturday, August 18th.

Good friends, good times, safe and skilled riding....all in the same area on the same day? That's what it's all about....join us :)

Questions, registration, emails - [email protected], or see more details on:

BCSB: http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/showthread.php/138069-Pitt-Meadows-Track-and-Practice-Days-2012
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pitt-Meadows-Take-it-to-the-Track-Days/157117261020934
Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/vancouver-sportbikes-meetup-group/

We look forward to seeing you at the FEMALE RIDERS AREA on August 18th. Just look for the pink balloons and big smiles :)

(Feel free to pass our message and information over to another rider who may not know about it, and who would also enjoy the day). Thanks!

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I will confirm that there will be 10 ladies out to this on the 18th. Come on ladies, you will be well supported and Linda & Claudia are setting up a girl's area for you to stay out of the sun!!

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