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HID vs halogen lights

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How much of a difference does HID make compared with halogen lights? Is it worth the 150 dollars for the single light upgrade?
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Not really looking for a colour change (already have whiter bulbs in there). Just would like some more light/ visibility
Thanks for the info TeeTee. I'm not too worried about the power thing (my bike is an 06), and i run accessories anyway (gotta love that heated vest). The power requirement is 35 watts to 55 so the drop isn't that much anyway. I've ordered a kit specific to my F4i, so it should be good with regards to bulb size etc. :)
Just got the HID's on my low beam (multi - reflector) tonight. Makes a crazy difference. I have 8k bulbs and it throws out a much better light than the old halogens. Managed to see people crossing the street further away than i ever would have seen than the old lights. Totally happy.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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