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Running HID's on a bike has some advantages and disadvantages. These two things come to mind.....

Most bikes use a shunt or "dump" style of voltage regulation where the alternator puts out a maximum value for whatever RPM at all times and the regulator lets what is needed get by and dumps the rest as heat. So reducing the draw from the lighting circuit by switching to HID's will mean that more heat needs to be dumped by the regulator. As long as you have a bike that doesn't suffer from regulator related issues *cough"OLD HONDAS"cough* then you'll be fine. Or you may just need to arrange for more airflow past your regulator. But it's worth looking into before you make the switch.

Second the HID bulb needs to generate it's light source at the same physical location as the filament in the old bulb or the focus will be all off. The stock light and reflector is a precise optical system and the location of the light source, the filament, is critical. Even 1/2 a millimeter will alter the light pattern quite significantly and always for the worse. So that's another issue to check into. Be sure your HID emmiter is equivalent to your OEM bulb in this. Specs and equivalency charts are your friend. Also if buying a HID setup off a car wrecker be sure it comes with this proper equivalent bulb. I gather those HID emmiters are pricey.
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