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High Idle 04 ninja 636

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I just picked up an 04 ninja 636, idles around 2500 RPM, I'm thinking I can just adjust it down to 1500 ish. HOWEVER..... on this model it has a high idle adjustment for cold starts that seems to only move about a cm. Could this be the idle issue perhaps? Maybe a sticky cable? The adjuster lookes like a choke.
Thanks! :)
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Log on to www.ZX6r.com
Or www.Kawasakiworld.com
Far more likely to get the info you need there
left hand side above the sprocket cover should be an idle adjust knob. try that.
Supposedly just tuned at the dealer and it burned a hell of a lot of fuel (or seemed to) considering the easy ride to Whistler & back. Only made it up to whistler and had to stop in Brackendale on the way back. It was under 4000 rpm most of the trip.
There is zero movement in that "choke" cable.
Sometimes the adjustment cables can be awful sticky.
Idle adjust knob worked perfect! Thanks :)
Now I just need to solve this sticky
"fuel enrichment" tab that looks like a choke.
It feels like the cable is just stuck. I couldn't seem to find much on the Kawi board about it but ill post there too.
You mean, you ran several tanks of gas through with the Choke/fuel enrichment basically stuck on, I would look at your plugs now if the engine starts to miss, they might be black with carbon.
It looks like it's stuck in the off position, Steve. The adjustment might be wrong and causing it to run a bit rich but the lever is definitely in the open position.
The bike has fuel injection not carbs, this is just a fast idle cable and won't affect mixture, the ecu does that based on the temperature sensors, you should replace the cable so you can raise the rpm during warm up.
If the OP is getting 50% of the gas mileage he should then I guess it's off to a shop to diagnose with gas analyzer what's happening?
Thanks so much for all the input everyone! Off to Kawi Burnaby Tuesday to check out the fuel mileage and cable issue.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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