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High Idle 04 ninja 636

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I just picked up an 04 ninja 636, idles around 2500 RPM, I'm thinking I can just adjust it down to 1500 ish. HOWEVER..... on this model it has a high idle adjustment for cold starts that seems to only move about a cm. Could this be the idle issue perhaps? Maybe a sticky cable? The adjuster lookes like a choke.
Thanks! :)
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You mean, you ran several tanks of gas through with the Choke/fuel enrichment basically stuck on, I would look at your plugs now if the engine starts to miss, they might be black with carbon.
If the OP is getting 50% of the gas mileage he should then I guess it's off to a shop to diagnose with gas analyzer what's happening?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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