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how about some dirtbiking at Eagle this morning?

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Inhave missed some fun dirtbikiing in the last while...and havn't even had the KLX out for about a month and a half. anyone want to head up to eagle? comw on some one has got to hand mwe a freakin bone here:surrender i was thinking around 10 or 11:00 am.
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oh , man i woke up just in time.Andrew is grounded today fer naughty behaviour. so lets hit up eagle , this morning. i take it you are not plated, so we can truck it up
sure Roger. I was gonna throw the bike inthe bike before work last night, but didnt. so I just gotta head home and grab the bike. I can come pick you up this time if ya want.
fok that Cory, i'll take my truck that way, i can safely fart and not offend ya. thanx for the offer anyways. just call me as you are loading your bike, and we can both truck it up. recall that night we rode up there and came across the jeep stuck in the bush? well if we went lower theres a big riding area that follows the powerlines. i was there with a couple of others last week, it was pretty fun.
cool....I'll be heading home at 8:00am, do the 3 sh's and give ya a ring.
That was fun Roger! those energy drings we had are just what I needed to tackle a day of riding. the makers of those drinks deserve full credit for my reduced fear, and quality riding skill! I will see if i can track down those pics someone snapped.

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