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cruisin down the 99 from the border doin a pretty good click maybe 160 or so and something just didnt feel right about the bike,go to take the offramp to the connector that takes you to the alex fraser(geared down thank god)and couldnt turn the bike...well as you can probly guess there was no air left in the front...i just about bit it hard into the concrete meridian on the offramp but instictively geared down and tapped the back brake while rolling off throttle.Very scary to say the least just about s**t myself!!!managed to get the bike to a gas station and could see where there had been a nAIL or screw right in the center of the front tire which had broken off.Grabbed a #10 screw from the dude in the gas staion and screwed it into the tire and filled it bak up with air...not the best patch kit but it worked and got me to carter in coquitlam.Crazy shit fellas damn near had a jammer when the bike wouldnt lean

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:D Yay, another "'good, you're still with us!" thread. Excellent! ;) Get yourself a lottery ticket... pray for luck in gettin' that horseshoe outta yer arse. :)

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