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This is a salvage 2003 CBR F4i here are the mods:

1) 65 tooth rear sprocket

2) CBR 1000RR radial mount front end

3) CBR 1000RR clutch with modified rear slave acting as a hand brake

4) Raptor easy pull clutch lever

5) 60 series front Michelin Pilot Power

6)Cage built by 5thgear braced 360 degrees , held on in 4 main locations, replaceable end cap, Sleek design so you can still corner.

7) 5thgear 11 o.clock bar

8) Custom front cage for protecting guages and leg/hand hold support.

9) Some engine/suspension tuning that I'll never tell about.

10) Radiator brace so you don't rip the mounts.

11) Shorty exhaust pipe silencer, modified internals so it's still quiet.

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pretty damn sweet
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