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I am insured!

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Yes, the last of the work was completed today at 8pm. I just finished bleeding my Goodridge lines and changing the oil. It was a little cold out there (I have a carport, no heated garage for me :() but things went smoothly. And really, I had no choice because I bought my insurance today for 7 months.

I got basic from ICBC: $547 includes 2 mil liability and new plates
The rest I got privately: $489 is for a whole year, with 1k comp/collision. Compare this to the $1026 it would have cost me through ICBC, I checked when I was getting basic, just to see what my savings would be. Now I am very happy! :)

So if anyone sees a black and yellow CBR 929 rolling around, that would be me! :) Now that the bike is assembled, I will post pics soon so you can better recognize me. ;)
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Excellent.. Sunday looks like it might be decent for a good little burn..
I guess Ryan, Farhad and myself are the last holdouts. Hmm, all Kawies. Does that mean anything?
Hu99 said:
I guess Ryan, Farhad and myself are the last holdouts. Hmm, all Kawies. Does that mean anything?
Don't forget me too. I'm a holdout because I spent all my money on the Track Toy so far. That and I don't need any distractions for now.

Probably insure for first of April. Yes I know what that is.....
absolutdm said:
Excellent.. Sunday looks like it might be decent for a good little burn..
I thought Sunday was going to be -7 degrees out there!

Edit: wait, nope , now the weather forcast says it'll be -9 on Monday and -1 on Sunday!
don't worry
my bike is still in the garage with storage insurance:)
Sweet deal on the insurance. Great saving now that you can buy private insurance. Let the games begin....the weekend can't come soon enough.
Where do you get private insurance for bikes from?
Well a little longer of a wait wont hurt me any cause I have made more than a few major purchases lately and the extral 200 per month from not isuring will help me out a little. I wanna be debt free before I start riding and I am hoping that by April 1st all should be paid off and the weather will be in its decent stages only to get better from then on. ;)

Probably would have been fine right now if I didn't buy those alpine star boots :rolleyes
i'm still holding out too, that extra cash is gonna come in handy this month if i don't have to pay for insurance...APRIL for sure, i can't stand not riding
Vrecksler: excellent! I'm waiting for MegsonFitzpatrick to get back to me with a quote.

Hu99: Don't Kawasakis have a reputation for being "cold-blooded"?
StarskyAndHutch said:

Hu99: Don't Kawasakis have a reputation for being "cold-blooded"?
I don't know about cold-blooded, but they've got chronic carb icing problems. For you younger fellas, carbs are the 19th century version of fuel injection. Dang, we were all excited when we didn't have to ride steam powered bikes any more.:D
but they've got chronic carb icing problems
What does that mean ? :confused
When the fuel is vapourized in the carburettor, it has a cooling effect. This can cause ice to form, which will disrupt the fuel and air flow.
Ryan R said:

What does that mean ? :confused
If you ride a Kwak in temps of less than about 5C, the combination of low temps and the evaporation factor of the gasoline leads to icing of the carb mechanism because of the water vapour that builds up when the temps return to normal. It's a viscious circle, bike cools and ices, then warms and moisture collects , and so on, etc, etc. Most bikes with carbs were suceptible to it, but Later Kwaks suffered more than most. Our bikes should have the fix (a resistance wire running the length of the carb bank added to model year '99 and on) but they are still plagued with it to some extent.
GTI said:
Where do you get private insurance for bikes from?
Go to http://www.megsonfitzpatrick.com/ and fill out the online application. Someone will call you after your application has been reviewed to let you know. You do not to have certain qualifications though, but you will find that info on the website.
doesn't it say only cruisers, touring bikes and sport touring bikes?
It says that, but they appear to be flexible. Definitely worth checking out.
Hmm, I did not even notice that. Well unless they consider my 929 a sport tourer, they apparently will insure sportbikes if they beleive the owner is worth the risk. :) Which is good news for us!
I just got a call and they've quoted me $413 for the year based on one of those $1000 or $500 deductables, $10k declared. I'm looking at my last policy through ICBC and was paying
$258 for collision and $715 for comp based on 1 year, 43% discount, $200 and $100 deductables and $12k declared. I'm gonna throw those number at ICBC and see what the real savings amount is.
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