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Definitely in on this. Nothing but my hugest support, thanks and respect for those who fought to give us the life we enjoy today.

I saluted an old guy last year, he just seemed to be carrying himself with agony around this time of year. He saw me, paused, then stood bolt upright and saluted me back. It felt weird and awkward, but he then stopped and shook my hand, said thanks, and kept going. I don't think these brave people get enough of the respect they deserve for what was done before (most of) our time(s).
Good for you, man.

A while ago, I met an old guy who, judging from his bumper stickers, etc, had been a member of a bomber crew in WWII.

I thanked him and shook his hand and I think he really appreciated it. It was a privilege for me to meet and thank someone like that. There aren't many WWII vets left and they truly deserve our gratitude.

I make it a rule all year in traffic never to honk at a car with veteran's plates.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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