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I am looking for a good used leather jacket and gloves.
I just bought a 2002 ZX-6R, and would like to match, the bike is Green and Black. Thank you

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hey i got my jacket at burnaby kawi and paid 210.00 for it
but this place in surry just opened a couple (4) months ago and
are selling the same entry level jacket for 129.00 so they may
be what your looking for. and you may be able to barter ie. no taxes... ther called motercycle world. king george hwy.top of thehill

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How big are you? I have a one year old Teknic leather jacket with matching boots that I'm selling. It's a size 42, which would fit someone approx. 5'7"-5'9" and the boots are size 9. It's not green though...it's yellow/black/gunmetal...would suit you perfectly if you had bought the yellow! A nice jacket nonetheless.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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