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I ride to be different....HA!

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So had another ride at the toy run and something was stuck in my head that a V twin rider had told me this summer on why he choses to ride a cruiser....He wanted to be different...he said that he dresses in black leather so he stands out....i saw the similar statements made from the Sturgis TV coverage.... so I was looking at everyone at the PNE and they all dress the same...WTF??? View attachment 47441
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Then with why they wear a Beanie I figure cause everyone that had one just left their $2.99 lid on their bike and when it gets taken they can afford to go buy another...
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I'm totally down with that dude. I squid to be different!

tongue in cheek poking fun at AGATT robots :) don't shoot me

I'm a unique individual, because I'm exactly the same as those unique individuals over there.
i park to be different, with a motard there's always parking
but i do wear black even though it makes me less visabile
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Yeah, they all really look so different *sarcasm*
Ya, all Harley riders are the same...

I video'd the whole ride down and a cop car passed us going the opposite direction and waving and the Harley guy in front of me flipped him off. I should post that up... :D

Mind you, 1/2 the sportbikers on this site would probably do the same thing...

First picture has the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club (GVMC). They are not a brand specific club but one of the largest clubs in BC and a pretty good bunch of people. Their colours are pretty damn ugly and they do have a large fuddy-duddy management style though.
All hail the Harley uniform!

This reminds me of Goth kids I went to highschool with, when Marylin Manson was at the height of his popularity. "We dress like this and wear make-up to be different." Then why the fuck do you all look exactly the same!?!?!
Maybe he means he wants to be unique from the rest of mainstream society, not unique in the biker world.
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