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I just got through a similar claim(s).

Back in April of '03, I was involved in an MVA. A minivan made a u-turn in front of me and I ended up going down. A cop attended the scene and review tire marks I pointed out and issued a ticket. I suffered from a separated left shoulder. I attended a walk-in clinic after the accident and then started physio. I attended physio for approx 10 weeks doin the normal tenz and exercises.

On June of '03 I was involved in a second accident where a car made a left turn in front of me. Again I slide across the pavement. During this tumble I separated my right shoulder.

So off to physio I go again. Funny thing is the first physio appointment for my right shoulder was the last for my left.

I now suffer from bursitis and receive cortisone shots in my shoulders.

Both accidents we found to be no fault. Both the minivan and car were nailed full for liability.

A few things to keep in mind. ICBC is a business so treat them as such. They are here to not only "protect" you, but to make a profit. You will never get what you want on your own as far as an injury claim goes.

I'd suggest a consultation with a lawyer. Having one with me helped the process greatly. If its quick cash you’re looking for be warned that anything with ICBC isn't fast unless it’s in their best interest. There is a 2 year timeframe in which to settle unless you elect to go to court.

With the help from my lawyer I was able to go to mediation. Basically it’s a ranking adjustor and a lawyer locked in a room with your lawyer, yourself and a mediator that both parties agree too. You go back and forth discussing what happened and they basically try to punch holes in your claim. ICBC wants to see how you react and they try to figure out how you would do in a court setting. During this process they ask what you want and from there its banter back and forth and negotiating. You pretty much saw back and forth until you get to the bottom line. There is no requirement to settle at this time.

This being said, if your lawyer thinks you come off sounding like a chump he may suggest you settle out of court and without goin to mediation.

It took me 3 years to settle mine but I was happy with the outcome.

My suggestion, contact Steve Anderson @ 604-922-8881 and at least have a chat with him. He'll spell out all your options.
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