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I'll be racing again this year...call Dan Mackenzie 250-573-4337...He has some used tires for cheap...play day comming up...some times we have a bike set up for people to try on play day...

Wana learn how to really chuck a bike into a corner try this!!!!

Imagine going 130kmh then taking a corner like the ramp at 232nd but instead of shutting off and braking ....you tap the back brake and set up a sideways full lock slide and grab all the throttle you have and drift the corner...

this is a great sport for all riders...even girls do really good since not so much strength is required and the less weight is a big advantage,,

This will for sure help any rider with control and getting comfortable when the bike isn't stuck to pavement...the traction is very good....probably as good as a street bike on a rainy day...but when you slide it won't step out as far...more like if your like on a dirt bike and the tide went out...woooopie fun...

Get out and try it...find a buddy with a dirt bike split the cost of the tires( $200-$300 ish each) and share the ride up....3.5 hours to Stake lake....get that I wish I was riding itch out of your ass!!!

It's always sunny!!!!! and there's hot dogs n chilli......makes the ride home mmmm mmmmm ....you could play....did you do that???..(((rolls the window down)))

Sunday, January 7th - Test & Tune (Play Day)
Sunday, January 14th - First Race
Sunday, January 21st
Saturday, January 27th - Western Championship Double-Header
Sunday, January 28th - Western Championship Double-Header
Sunday, February 4th - Final Race
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