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... time to replace my aging leather old school-Arlen Ness style jacket...

Appreciatte opinions/experience on Icon Merc, fabric jacket??

Leather hot & heavy, not best in wet. Merc black nice style, attractive price. Used to have Belstaff waxed cotton Tourmaster years back, pretty heavy... little too much.

Ridin mostly local, Vancouver, F-Valley area, odd zip to Kamloops, Seattle... typically all year (much less in way cold months), usually wear woollys under in colder months & if rain is likely... always :)

Thanks in advance...
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Not sure if this helps, but I've got the Team Merc. It fits nice, but it's not water resistant. Pretty cool in the summer because of the meshy material under the arms. Shoulder pads, elbows and a thin back protector make you feel safe. A bit too flashy with all the badges and numbers and stuff, but I like mine. Oh and much lighter than leather.

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Icon's mesh seems to be decent. I just got a TiMax 2 jacket in black...great fit, crazy looks, and seems to be great quality.
I've been thinking about getting a Timax 2 jacket as well. I've been trying to decide between the leather and the nylon version. I'm starting to lean towards the nylon because I could wear a waterproof liner underneath for the rain. Leather doesn't like the rain much...
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