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Edit 1: Hey there,

Im going to have to dissapoint you all, my boyfriend is getting a little annoyed that Im selling it and is telling me to keep it until I can afford new leathers.

If you're still interested in a month or two, give me a shout back, Hopefully this will still be up, if not I'll repost.

- Erin


Just going to throw this other there, see if anyone is interested. I've had the jacket since June of last year, and honestly I haven't managed to get a whole hell of alot of use out of it. I know the price has dropped on the product since I bought it and it was $345 when I got it from Yamaha in Kelowna.

Edit: Because Im a screwball, I forgot to put the size. Erm, it's a meduim. Im not sure what that is in European sizing.

I know I wont get much for it, but $100 or so would be nice, so throw me an offer, and maybe we can arrange something.

- Erin

Call Me: 250-442-8721 between 4:00 - 7:00 pm
Email Me: [email protected]

Im not too fond of the postal services around here, I'd prefer the buyer to pick up, because it is hard for me to travel.

{There are a couple of missing rivits. From the occasional dropping of the jacket on my floor. One on the left shoulder, and also a tag from the back fell off -still have it though-. Hoping to fix the rivits soon, if I can get my hands on a rivit gun.}
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