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If the weather is nice tomorrow....

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..... I'm going to take the day off and go riding. I can't stand it any more and the pics from Sunday's ride just about popped my gasket.

Just a first notice. I'll add more tonight.
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You should take wednsday off instead, then I can make it :) well wednsday morning till 2:30 in the afternoon I can :) :) :)

The weathernetwork and other sites claim a clear sunny week :) oh man <drooool> :):D :cool
Doh! I'm getting my 1000km service done tomorrow! And you know what that means!!!!!!!!! My Honey's broken in!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D :tredmill :2guns :happysq :happysq
Bluestone said:
Doh! I'm getting my 1000km service done tomorrow! And you know what that means!!!!!!!!! My Honey's broken in!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D :tredmill :2guns :happysq :happysq
does that mean the next time we switch bikes, I can take your honey to the limit :) :laughing :laughing
Alright CG, you win. Besides my boss snuck out early and I didn't have a chance to tell him that I wanted Tuesday off. So Wednesday it is. You'd better be right about the weather or next time we meet I'll poke a small hole in the seat of your rainsuit :D

ASSUMING good weather we should meet up around 10:30 after the frost clears and I have a chance to get my papers in order for the day. And if it was a heavy frost we should go where there's a better chance of sun on the roads. Maybe #7 out to Mission and then drop down south over the bridge and use the roads south of the freeway to get home back though Langley and down along the border. They aren't great twisty roads I know but most of the twisty stuff is in the woods and may be quite frosty anyway. Just a nice cruise ride. Oh. I almost forgot. We have to hit Deas tunnel............ for my new pipe ya know :D

For some warm up stops we can hit some of the bike shops.

Anyone else? We can meet at my place in Burnaby and maybe set up a second pickup point out on the Coquitlam bypass for people out that way.
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sounds good. keep us posted....
I'm probably in for Wednesday, but I gotta see what time i can pick up my Honey.
Bluestone said:
I'm probably in for Wednesday, but I gotta see what time i can pick up my Honey.
shoot for the morning if ya can, cause that is when we'll most likely be leaving.... well, I have to, I can only hang around until 2pm, well, 2:30pm the latest :) I have to get myself down to Canada Way and Beta Ave. by 2:30-2:45pm.
I'm probably gonna shoot for 9am, but I also have to be back in west van by 2 for an appointment. I kinda wanna start doin' wheelies too! Anyone know of an old abandoned runway? or big huge smooth deserted paintless concrete parking lot?? Other than in my dreams?
well, if you want to learn how to do wheelies, practice on your ninja 250, otherwise you'll regret it later down the road (no pun intended) :)

as for roads, well, I know many good places in my area and in richmond, but I dont know the area where you live very well....
basically none in my area unless it's really late at night. and my 250 can't do straight throttle wheelies! I've done a few before on my friend's gsxr 600 so as long as i take it easy at first, i should be ok.....
the best roads to look for are industrial areas.... they dont have many cars on them, especially after work hours.... remember that NTW place I took ya to? :D just be careful out there, I dont want to hear any horror stories of you crashing your Honey :)
OK, this time it's official. I've got the rest of the week off. Gotta burn up a few days.

So I'm thinking we leave around 10:30 after any frost clears and I have my day papers.

CG, which end of town do you live in. Maybe we can meet up in between or whatever.

Anyone else? Bluestone? Same question, whereabouts are you?
I live only 2 minutes away from the Alex Fraser Bridge, just off the 72nd exit off highway 91 in Delta.

Bluestone is way out in West Van. half-way inbetween me and him is around Willingdon and Canada Way in Burnaby.... If he picks up his bike around that time tommorrow at BK, maybe we should meet there or something?
OK meet at BK. Maybe..........

The weather is calling for possibility of light showers or SNOW this evening and tomorrow morning.

I just don't believe this...........

But let's think positive :) It's calling for improvements through the day with sunny periods in the afternoon. If I have to ride my bicycle in the rain to get to the insurance office though.......

If the roads are dry or drying I'm in. Make contact on this thread tomorrow morning about 9:30 and I'll let you know what's happening here.

Bluestone, what time are you supposed to pick up your bike?
I tend to notice, the little weather bar on the main page on this site is always wrong.... like yesterday for example, it was sunny and clear, but it was showing rain and clouds??

check out theweathernetwork.com, it shows sunny days for weds, thurs and friday....

anyhow, i'll check the site in the morning like you said to double check on the meetup place.
Ya, I've noticed that too. I contacted the WeatherOffice about it (which by the way is how most of Canada gets it's weather (including the news guys)). And it does glitch everyonce and a while, but other times they're just smoking crack and don't know what the weathers gonna be any better than you or I do. :D
Well, someone even said it had snowed a couple of flakes in Mission.

I'm still keen so I guess we'll plan on going with a veto if it sucks tomorrow. Sound good? 10:30 at BK with a final confirmation or cancel at 9:30 here?
10:30 at BK sounds good. I'll come on the board at 9:30 to make sure it's still on....
I'll be picking Honey up from BK around 9:30 or so. I'll drive her around a bit and meet you at 10:30 assuming it isn't snowing. If you cancel could you page me Mike??
(604)292-1646 . You can leave a message or just punch in 911.
Otherwise I won't wait past 10:45am. I'm sure i'll have plenty to browse through at BK.
See you all then....
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