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I just want to say that before you read any further,
That this … uh, … Statement is not intended to damage, insult or discredit:
Speed vision
Its well-known syndicate “Pinks”
Or Harley Davidson, in any way.

I have a lot of respect for Harleys.

Stop laughing… I truly do!

For an American company that has span nearly a century, originates from what's hailed as the greatest nation in the world. (All the while having quite possibly, thee, single longest standing reputation as the worst bike ever built in mass quantities), The “all American” empire known as Harley Davidson which is almost 40% Japanese owned and borrows most, that be 80% of it’s carburetion, electronics, suspension even tires and paint from it’s Japanese partners, it has done astonishingly well.

Respect due.

I've never owned a Harley, only ridden a few.
My 20 years time on bikes has consisted mainly of Japanese bikes, some German bikes, a only a couple of Italians.

So if it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about, you may be right and… This is only my opinion.
I rarely watch television. But, tonight, snowed in like the rest of us sport bikers, I pull up a seat in front of the ol-boob-tube and naturally, living alone? Went straight to the speed channel.

There, on a show called, "PINKS", I watched a man lose ownership of his $20 000 dollar Harley Davidson "V-Rod" (Rod) To another man who raced the Rod owner on what looked like… A late 70's, early 80's Suzuki GS model. Maybe the 850 or the 1100?

They raced a total of three straight line, probably quarter mile races.

The Rod won the 1st race.
Then lost by a few bike lengths on the 2nd claiming a slipping clutch? But, regardless, raced for ownership rights on the 3rd and lost again.
(Honorably if I may say so?)

The Victor, (although I missed the very beginning of the show in which I understand they provide the details of each racers bike.) Also raced with honor and total confidence that his bike would win?

In some shots, although the camera wasn't steady? Looked as though the GS had a very flat tire. No Dude. Not flat for Drag racing purposes. It looked down right FLAT!


The GS owner:
• Late 30's early 40's
• Looked about 6 ft .5
• Probably never missed a meal? About 280 - 300 lbs
• Wore regular work mans boots, Jeans and a big ol button up the front, 3-quarter length coat.

He looked more like the type of a all weather rider you'd see on Vancouver streets commuting to and or from work?

Not a speed freak, quarter mile wanna be, Ok? Get the picture? Big legs, big hands, big helmet,
When this guy sat down on the bike his knees almost touched his elbows, I almost couldn't help chuckle a bit as it looked more like the bike was sticking out of his ass…
He was big.

His little red Suzuki, nearly 25 years old?
Some of you may remember the model, the one with the 11inch round front headlight?
The bike looked to be stock.
I noticed the air box did look stock.
As did the dual exhaust and the hola hoop 21inch front wheel.
I'd say this bikes worth today, would not accede $1000 bucks Canadian.
Maybe a bit more if it were mint and sitting on a dealership floor?

The Rod owner:
• Mid to late 30's
• About 5.9, 5.11 tops?
• He looked fit, Average weight, around 160 to 180? I dunno?
• Wore Full leathers.

I think the first V-Rod, (which by my very own opinion borrows much of it's engine technology from a certain V four bench mark Yamaha?) Rolled off the ol-Milwaukee line in 2001?
I didn't catch the exact year of the Rod, or the GS for that matter, but for what it's worth I'll just say that the Rod was at least 20 years newer then the GS? And like the GS, appeared to look and sound stock?

At this point I request any of you who knows a person who owns any year or model Harley or any other stock vehicle valued less then $100000 to pull up a seat.

I'm not sure what the Rod owner thought when he looked over at that old Suzuki in desperate need of vintage plates, but clearly he now knows the true King of the road.

OH YEAH. I'm braggin!

And let this be a lesson to every other vehicle owner across the world. YES, I said, THE WORLD.

This may be redundant but it's Definitive.

Japanese sport bikes rule the ashfault ocean.

There are some exceptions but If you paid less then $100 000 You'll save your self a lot of shame, just ease off and yield to the known KING of the road.

Of all Japanese bikes made, I like Kawasaki's the least. Yet I recommended a deer friend of mine of almost 30 years to buy one.

I'll never own another Suzuki. But (unsurprisingly) I’ve watched many times as yet another Suzuki takes the podium in countless races.

Yamaha, the single largest engine manufacture in the world, sells it's leading engine technology to Car, truck, boat, robot, forklift, jet plane, you name it manufactures around the world, bar none, makes the best mass production, inline internal combustion gasoline burning engines in the world.

Honda, I own a Honda. Need I say more?

For each of the four Japanese manufactures, in all their vehicle lines, they all have strengths and weaknesses, Bikes that suck, and rides that rule.

The bottom line is.

No one in the world makes a vehicle that lasts longer

No one in the world makes a vehicle more reliable, cheap to buy, maintain or learn how to operate.

No one in the world makes a vehicle that can out perform and keeps out performing its newer, bigger, faster rivals, even after 20 years.

Those of you who wish not to admit the plain and simple truth can simply spend your money ells where. I understand that you may want be unique, and feel that in order to achieve that you must spend spend spend.

The Japanese bike may be for the Meek, but even for a $1000 Canadian

Your claim to be a KING?

Is true.

My name is DjPaul.

Can I get a witness?

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Basing my argument on just the last race of Moto GP I say Ducati's are the best.

And that my S4R could beat your VFR in a drag race. :)

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I need a drink.

That new bike smell
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I'm happy with my ride. I couldn't give a shit if the rest of the world rode Harleys or Vespas. I don't have a Kawi but I wouldn't feel better if Kawi had a huge recall due to mechanical failure.
I really don't get the whole brand loyalty thing.

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elevation said:
Paul is definitely not basing this on a episode of pinks. He knows more than any of us will ever know about bikes. He is just taking the long winded approach to bashing Harley's. Nice post Paul!
Really? Not according to this.

I've never owned a Harley, only ridden a few.
My 20 years time on bikes has consisted mainly of Japanese bikes, some German bikes, a only a couple of Italians.]
Hardly qualified to make such a blanket statement regarding which bikes are the best.

Not saying I'm a bike genius myself...

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DjPaul, by using your criteria......
A AA fueler funny car is better than a Kenworth.
A Lada is better than a D9Cat earthmover.

Because the funny car beats the Kenworth in the 1/4 mile.
Uh, what happens if you need to move 40,000 pounds of fresh fruit?

A properly tuned Lada can get across town faster than the D9.
Okay if you want to deliver an envelope, what if you need to move 1,000 metric tons of organic material?

Harley's are different than a 4 cylinder sport bike, even an older 4 cylinder UJM.
Not better, not worse, different.
Each type of motorcycle, or machine, has a specific use, and I for one, believe that you shouldn't deny your DNA. Motorcycle DNA, of course.:coffee

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So if it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about, you may be right and… This is only my opinion.

Those of you who wish not to admit the plane and simple truth can simply spend your money ells where.
little convoluted now isn't it?? you say it's YOUR opinion then you say it's the plane and simple truth?? i have ridden Harley's and while i am not a big fan of them, not my kinda bike, they have been around almost twice as long as the Big 4 and there are still running examples of them. could you tell Martigirl that the Jap bikes are the KING of the road after her's dropped a valve after 23,000K's?? just an instance but fact none the less. my first Gixxer was still ticking at 83,000K's and i know of Beemer's who have 200,000+ on the odometer and still going. i know Honda's who have died with less then 20,000 on the clock also. you've stated an opinion that would be hard to prove as plain and simple truth. oh....it's plain not plane!!

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I love how everyone has their panties in a bind in wintertime. If this was posted in summer everyone here would be 2 thumbs up and all that crap. He was probably lightly toasted and spewing his merriness on the board. Smile a bit and relax.
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