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Installed my PCIII usb tonight ..

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Installed my PCIII usb tonight / O2 sensor location

Holy f*** does it make a difference. I have a Jardine RT-1 on my F4i, and it was running .... a little lean. Ride is soooo smooth now. Only thing I have to do is to remove the O2 sensor - anyone know where it connects on the F4i? I lost track of the wire as it went behind the coolant reservoir.
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Find a Honda sportbike specific discussion board.

I was under the impression that there's no exhaust sensors on bikes. And an oxygen sensor is generally in the exhaust as I understand them.

In any event if this is the case then it's got to be mounted on the headers or just before the muffler on the pipes. Get down there and look them over. If there's no connector and widget on the pipes anywhere then you don't have one.
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