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International Female Ride Day is a day dedicated to women riders around the world!

▀▄▀▄▀ It's EVERYWHERE YOU ARE! ▀▄▀▄▀

International Female Ride Day occurs yearly on the first Friday of May. It's a synchronized RIDE DAY for WOMEN motorcyclists – worldwide! The day asks... women riders to join together on their motorcycles, no matter the type, size or style and - JUST RIDE – where ever you are!

INTERNATIONAL FEMALE RIDE DAY was created by MOTORESS’s Founder and Director, Vicki Gray with the aim to
►HIGHLIGHT◄ the many numbers of women actively enjoying motorcycling;
►HEIGHTEN◄ awareness of women motorcycle riders while building camaraderie among each other.
This event can’t help but ►INSPIRE◄ those who have not yet taken up the joy of motorsport – each and every participant’s a role model for women in motorcycling!

The campaign expands with every year which goes by - country by country, rider by rider!

It has become an incredible global happening, the only event of it’s kind for women riders – a truly synchronized, celebrated day!
►►► JUST RIDE!◄◄◄

This information, along with more details, can be found on http://www.motoress.com/femalerideday.asp

Facebook Main Event Page:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/ifrdmembers/See More

Anyone interested in coming to the ride in Victoria on May 4, 2012 post up. We can all meet up and ferry over together. The Victoria ride is always a great time and the chicks over there are pretty cool. :)
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