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Iridium Visors

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so what's the deal with Iridium Visors. i haven't seen one up close and personal nor have i tried one yet, but i'm curious... other than looking cool, do they serve any useful purpose? recommended? advantages? disadvantages?
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blocks sun - same idea as tinted - good for sun, cant see shit at night - looks cool. looking cool is what shits all about. If you really wanna look cool though don't wear a helmet at all....gel your hair up into a froc and pick up ladies at stop lights
they scratch when a piece of lint touches it
They look cool. Functions same as a tinted visor. They are cool.
I was going to get one, but I opted for the dark smoke instead. The 'mirror' visors are about $80, whereas a traditional one is $30. Going through a few visors a year, I opted for the cheaper one.
.....and they add about +10HP
I haven't scratched mine. Just clean it and store it carefully.

I know a guy who ran his iridium visor under running hot water to get the bugs off. It took off more than the bugs so DO NOT DO THAT!
g_spyder91 said:
.....and they add about +10HP
No!!! 12HP for 1000cc bikes :laughing :laughing :laughing

I have one. It's scratched now. Not keen on replacing it. After trying it, I found I don't like it that much except during the times when the sun is low in the sky.
Looking cool is way more important that functionality.

PS - I heard its 14 HP
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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