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I am just wondering...Does anybody know any industrial facilities in Vancouver which are capable of iridium coating?
I hope this process should not be hard to achieved if a factory had the proper equippment. But then again maybe I am just too stubbon to get a helmet that no one makes tinted visor for...:surrender
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Yea, its okay, you just suck... I mean what is this helmet>? a 1950's half face or what? I dont know any reputable helmet manufacturer that dosnt make a tinted shield...
you might be able to find something if you search online
I've tried...It is an OGK Aeroblade. I even tried contacting the manufacturer in Japan. No response yet. Then I got a lead from a Singaporian exporter and he said the demand is second to none so OGK did not bother anymore...

Oh well back to the topic. Does anyone knows a friend who knows a friend who knows how to do electrolysis coating?
new helmet... iridium visor... done.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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