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Calling all experienced riders and fellow athletes. We are still looking for volunteers with bikes to assist during the Cdn Ironman in Whistler August 24-25th. The event is the first time in Whistler and it is a pretty big deal with up to 4000 athletes in attendance. Volleys get a lot of perqs including the final volley party on Sunday night. It is a very inspirational event overall with the athletes at the centre. If you have ever seen the people struggling coming in the last 4-5 hours who have been on the course for 12+ hours it is an exceptional thing to witness. Also this is the best of the volly positions from what I can see, get to ride around and along the course seeing the event up close and in the middle of it. Gas is paid for as well. Super cool experience.

We need another 10 ideally, comfy two up types, no harleys please, the parts falling off damage the tires of the cyclists....just kidding. Riders need to be comfortable with a pillion on board. So volly up we need your help. Please contact me
[email protected] if interested or go online to http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman/canada.aspx#axzz2agkK8r6x
Click on "Volunteer". If you can't do it yourself but might know someone who might, please let them know.
Thanks for the consideration.
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