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Is a winter carb adjustment necessary?

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My 2005 DRZ does not run very well these days; in the mornings it likes to stall for the first 5 minutes of my morning commute before it will run normally with no choke. After work it warms up quickly and there are no problems...and when riding (anytime) the throttle response is not very smooth. Open it up quickly and it bogs a little, wack it closed and it is a bit choppy.

Neither of these problems are super duper serious, just minor annoyances that I deal with but I figured I would post up and see if I should just live with it or give it a little winter loving with the next oil change; new plug, carb cleaning and adjustment, that sort of thing.

Thanks in advance. It was pretty nice out there today and I hope there are more days ahead like that because I love leaving the rain gear in my bag. ;)
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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