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For all you loosers that had to work today I'd like to say you missed MY best ride of the year so far. Mind you, so far it's been my ONLY ride too :D

It was hardly an epic ride. Just a cruise out Hwy7 to the Albion ferry, down the road to Langley for lunch. After lunch Bluestone had to leave so he went north on 200th to hit the freeway and Canadian Gixxer and I went south to 16th and west to 99. 99 doesn't sound exciting and normally I would agree but I had a new pipe to try out and where better than a........ all together now............TUNNEL. The Yosh sounds pretty good at 7 to 8 K with walls on either side. And even with that it was still quiet enough that I could hear the odd sound of CG's stock pipe as he closed the gap during one of my let offs. It sure was good to feel the bike between the legs again ( insert witticisms here :D )

And a word of warning to those with bikes in storage. My tire was a little more slippery than just the cold weather was responsible for. I guess sitting for a couple of months had let the surface harden a little. I had a couple of slips coming out of BK but after the first couple of km's I didn't notice it any more. So just be careful on that first ride for the first couple of klicks and corners. Especially if it's cold out.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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