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Well, if you're a weetard* like me... you try to take a McDonalds Iced Coffee home on your bike... using the pannier mounts :D

If you so wish to go full weetard, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Just pop the fucker in there. Then ride. I rode for about 30km... including about 20 on the highway.

Step 2: Arrive at the destination and pick up the coffee for a picture.

Step 3: Inspect the coffee scented exhaust shield.

Step 4: Wash that bitch off. Wash her good.

Step 5: Selfie while drinking a coffee while wearing a helmet.

Now fame. Flame like... flamers you guys are? :flip :flip :flip

Full credit goes to Bandildo for coming up with the word weetarded.

If they were on 650 v-stroms we could all just conclude they were weetarded.

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OMG, why the hell do you have all those photo's in your repertoire?
It's SheStrom Spank porn! I'm guessing Chia has a large collection he distributes to the rest of the affected! :jerkoff
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