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Thanks Slam, I only wish I was out riding (we had such a short brief fling before storing him away for the winter) instead of dreaming about it *sniff* :laughing
bahh you POSER, a true viffer/couch owner has their bike insured, no matter what the weather. see you at starbucks in may, BCGR:rant

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First, Brian always has say, no matter what topic.

It is, after all, the ONLY benefit of marriage.

I was thinking maybe "48 more payments" would be a good name.

I'm in favour of "Jesus" or "Hay-zues" in Spanish.

I'm also in favour of upping her life insurance.....bump bump bump.

I digress.

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You are going to love the VFR. I took my 2002 8500 kms to Alaska and back this summer and my butt is still in one piece.As far as naming it......? Why do girls name thier bikes?

ps. winter sucks bring on the sunshine.

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Finally... SuperJ, don't you dare try and turn this into a 'porn' thread - there are enough threads about Martina's unmentionables out there already! And Martina... you shoulda bought a Honda! :evilgrin
Yeah yeah...give me a couple of years when i'm ready to upgrade, then I'll get a Honda. You know this thread is inspiring...I know my bike is a boy...but haven't really named him...I always refer to him as my baby boy...well and then the names I won't post here when he broke down, well and now that I'm getting him back really soon...the love has come back...so its back to baby boy...so maybe I need to jump on your wagon here and give him a real name!:devillook

p.s. I like Jess's idea...i'm half silver can I join the silver belles too?

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I have a hard time with the concept of a 'boy' bike - there is some unwritten rule somewhere that all motor vehicles (including boats,planes,etc) are always female. It would seem to me that all marine vessles that I've ever seen always seem to have a feminine (or possibly gender neutral) name.

That being said, to each their own - name/call/engender your bike however you like.

Maybe it's just an 'opposite sex' thing as there is a certain connection made with a bike in how it is ridden and controlled that could be compared to other activities.

My :2cents

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Wow! I can feel the love - thanks so much for making sure my life insurance was all in order my loving hubby - I know you're sleeping much better now... and as for you having the last say... well, if that's what you want to believe... :devillook

Martina - absolutely you are part of the 'silver belles' - and don't worry, we all know that you'll come to your senses eventually and get a Honda!

And my last bike was definitely a girl (Lola the show girl, for those of you who remember) just like this one is definitely a boy - and it's not just girls who name their bikes, I believe Jamie's the proud owner of Delilah, DJPaul has Boo (although I'm not sure if the bike was named after I started riding it... :evilgrin), and I'm sure others have named their vehicles even if they're not posting the names!

Damn it! How long until May? :surrender
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