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One of my clients is an old friend who happens to own a Suzuki dealer in the states. In the spring I asked him about a DRZ400SM he said we have no market for SMs here so if I wanted one he'd order it for me and give it to me at cost, plus tax, and reg. Well the other day Suzuki just dropped one off for him and he has no use for it so he called me in. Its an 07 black. He said he owes me 2200 from advertising co op so I said can I use that on the bike? He said ya its your money. The kicker is the money hasn't been sent from Suzuki, but the bike is mine. What kills me is I was hopin to get it this week, but it started raining today with a chance of snow. So if I did buy it I cant ride it anyways. Gheysauce. So im almost there. HAHAHAH But the bike is $5700 OTD for a new 07 DRZ. If I dont think it has enough power I will just sell it and buy something different, but I think its going to be a good starter SM.
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Good Deal really
There is lots you can do to the drz to make it better so if you are not happy with it when you start riding it look around and do some mods.
If the big bore is too much $$$ to start with there are other options

Ask Gas about my DRZ and then if you are interested I might make public some of my mods.....

<place evil laugh here>

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