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damn broken leg!!!!!!!
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I had a chance to hang out with Josh last year (yes, there was alcohol involved!) thanks to Dat from PSR. He is a very down to earth guy. It's great to see him doing well!

April 28, 2006

Chris Martin

Erion Honda’s Josh Hayes is off to a strong start in ’06, scoring a pair of Lockhart Phillips USA Formula Xtreme runner-up finishes to firmly establish himself as one of the men to beat in the class.

The Mississippian is hoping to go one better this weekend and put his CBR600RR up on the top spot on the box. It won’t be easy with the rapidly developing works Yamaha entry piloted by Jason DiSalvo, among others, to deal with.

After finishing up third best in the opening FX practice session (1:27.107) and eighth best in Superstock (1:26.719), Hayes commented, “This morning -- I can’t say it went bad but it didn’t go fantastic either. The lap times weren’t as big an improvement as I was looking for but I had a pretty smooth morning. Traffic has been pretty bad so far; it’s been hard to get a clean lap but qualifying is coming up next for FX and that should thin things out a little bit.

“We’re working really hard on the bike. Jason (DiSalvo), of course, is going really fast in FX and we have a little bit of catching up to do but we’re working on it. Superstock we’re pretty far down the list for what we wanted today, but we have some ideas. We’re going to just keep plugging away at it.”

Commenting on his emergence as a clear FX class favorite following the opening two rounds of the ’06 season, Hayes said, “I was hoping everybody would think of me that way before the season started. I’ve got good equipment, I feel like I’m riding fairly well, and I’m in great shape. We’re taking a bike that’s been developed for several years by Honda’s front-line Superbike guys and we’re going faster than they ever went on it. That makes me feel pretty good.”

However, keeping pace with the still-raw factory R6s will almost certainly prove to be a daunting task, as they already boast impressive speed and promise to only get quicker. The Erion team may have to think outside the box to continue making gains on their already-sorted racer in order to match the blue bikes’ expected improvement

Hayes stated, “All I can say is I promise I’m ride the bike with all the heart that I’ve got. I’m riding as hard as I possibly can. We’ve got some great guys behind us over at the Öhlins truck and over at Dunlop and here within the team. It’s just going to take some creative minds and some interesting ideas to come up with something fresh. On top of all that I’m just going to do my job and ride the wheels off the thing.”

Twin A
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here's hoping he does well with Erion. I've got nothing but respect for the work he did with the attack kawi.
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