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Just got a new bike...again...zx750...advice?

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Hello girls, Haven't posted here for awhile..but I just got a new (to me) bike today so I am of course all crazy-excited even though its dead of winter here (Kelowna).

I'm just looking for some feedback for girls who ride larger cc bikes. I am a relatively experienced rider, I am very careful and not a stunter at all. I have had my license for 3 years or so...I started with school, then a 750 FZR (86, older and heavy) but I felt it was a bit much for me so early on so I spent alot of time on a 400 Suzuki. I sold that bike last summer and and spent the rest of the summer on a 93 ex500. Nice bike, loved it. Did I say I loved it? hehe

But...time comes I got a killer deal on a 93 zx750 Ninja. Next to nothing from a bud who was moving and had ruined a lower fairing. Had it safetied and all its in FAB shape and very well maintaned with good kms...so I am really excited to ride it.:rockon :rockon

Just wondering if any of y'all have this bike, or how you think it is. Again I am a very careful rider, and I will def be jetting around the roads close to home for the first few weeks, parking lot re-training myself for a larger bike and all. And of course keeping off the f brake in turns ...and staying out of the higher half of the rpms for now. I ride mainly alone (sadly, my hubby is a rider but he is very timid and prefers to ride alone, and I like riding much more for me its a treat - for him a chore, lol).

Any tips or pointers would be great:)

Thanks babes. :flashy
Fawn in Kelowna
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Once the snow melts, take the bike in a parking lot and practice your turns, stops (including emergency braking) and slow speed manoevering. Get used to the new feel and weight of the bike, and gradually increase your speed in the figure 8's while decreasing the radius of the turns. Take it easy for a bit when you get on the road, and most importantly of all, HAVE FUN.

It sounds to me like you have already thought of the above, as you seem to have alot of common sense. BTW, I ride a 1997 VFR750, so am used to the bigger bikes.
Thanks FFW for writing, and I appreciate your feedback!
Another question, regarding weight...

(I ride a 2004 EX500!).
yeah I love them too, ex's are great wish I could have kept mine, so fun!
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