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Just wanna say sorry about the cops etc...

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I didn't know you guys don't want any stunt riding on your group rides since it was my 1st ride with you guys and nobody told me.

When I saw the cop I had a feeling he'd try to nail me, so I figured I'd lure him away from you guys and take my chances. Since I can't afford tickets, I run if I think I can make it. Ya, I know that's stupid so don't point it out:)
I'll keep the tricks under wraps from now on unless you guys want to see them.

Sorry about that again...
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what a waste of a tire......ha ha I see thousands of miles left on tha thing, you got to use the sides as well when ya do those burnout's?
how much ya spendin on tires? kuz I got a metric tone of tires with tread in te middle but smooth like a bottom on the sides.
I sell a used set of 208's for $150-$200 pending on the weekend ,and how mwny cyles went through them?

and this is a road tire.........nice blue to it !
I'm hoping to be running one on my race bike on the 31st at Spokane.Come on out and see for yourself?
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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