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kat streetfighter pics

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Ok, so a quick background. I found an 89 kat 600 that needed some TLC. Got it for very cheap and decided to make a fighter out of it. Here are some pics of where it's at so far. The list of mods that have yet to be done is getting longer daily, but so far I'm pretty happy with it and figure including purchase price I'm sitting somewhere betwen $2-2500 and have had a blast building it.

Rebuilt forks with progressive springs
RF900 adjustable rear shock
Metzler Z6 tires
New chain/sprockets
motocross bars/risers
coated inside of tank
rebuild carbs, tuned, re-jetted
pod filters
yoshi 4-1 (was on bike already)
powdercoated frame, wheels and swingarm
new bearings through entire bike
chopped up some rear fairings to make a back end for the bike
ebay'd tons of parts to finish off everything it was missing.

To come:
Custom headlights (not off the shelf aftermarket stuff)
gsxr usd front end swap
solo cowl to be finished and installed
new front fender to be hacked, painted and installed
digital speedo to come

long term, potentially motor swap, but for now I'll just have fun riding.

I'm sure I'll come up with piles more mods to do as time goes on, but it's a start.

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looks damn sharp i must say. you got that steep upward angle to the rear seat like a real streetfighter from the UK!!
looks good man. Way better than the stock bodywork. Nice work!
the tail is basically stock, I just severely hacked the lowers off the rear fairings. The 600 had a nice tail from the factory, the 750 was more flat and had the boxy taillight. Still trying to figure out a way to smooth the lines on the bottom of the tank. Might make a small piece to fill in there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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