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Recently bought a '90 Katana 750 not running (thanks for the help, Miraclejoe), cleaned up the carbs and went to check the clearances, this is what i found:

lobes 1 and 4 on the exhaust cam pretty badly scored, their rockers kaput too. And when I pulled the forward engine mounts to move the engine so I could get the rockers out, I found that the rubber bushings were toast too.

Anybody got a lead on GSX-F parts locally? The rockers and engine mounts are the same in all sizes of the engine from 600 up to 1100, installed in the '86-'87 GSX-Rs, the '88-'96 Katanas, and the 600, 650 and 1200 Bandits AFAIK.

As for the cam, I want to make sure it stays stock GSX-750F. If I can't get Colt Cams to resurface it, I'll hit ebay.

And here's a pic of the poor Kat as she sits now, to tug at your heartstrings, hopefully convincing you to help me out! :devillook

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