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kawasaki Junk???

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Hi i'm a noob, and i've seen this littered around the forums that kawi's are junk!

I know this is gonna start a flame war but i had to ask because i was thinking about buying one as a first bike.

IF THIS IS TRUE, WHY? is everything they make junk or are the 600cc bad in particular, is it becasue the tires fall off? or because they are slow? what year did kawi go downhill? What is the STORY behind people saying this?

Kawi owners stand up for yourselves!

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dont assume that kawis are junk just bcoz you see it floatin around here....you have to try it and ride it to find out.....i own a kawi i love it and never had a problem with it....most people here who say that never really ridden a kawi before...its self preference....they're all good bikes..
I heard from a guy that test rides and writes reviews that the ZX-9R is an excellent bike in every respect. Can't comment on the other models though.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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