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No, not my new ones.

Last year I got the urge to get some street/touring leathers. Found a suit that I thought would be good but found out later there was no room for a sweat shirt let alone a spine protector. Dunno' what happened but maybe I put on a LB or two after I bought it :rolleyes

Anyway it's a Technic size 46/56. Two piece zip together. But it fits a little small so don't go TOO much by the sizing. If you're 5' 10" to 6' and around 180 this will fit great.

Soft armour for street comfort, no knee puck mounts, basically white with Kawi green trim and some dark purple pinstripe highlights. Yes I know the colors are dated but the overall white color will be very cool in the heat of summer and the green never goes out of style............ :D

$250 just because the F2 needs tires........
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