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Left signal inidicator (on gauges) flashing constantly ....

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06 F4i. The left signal inidicator is flashing almost constantly, although the signals themselves only come on when requested. If i flick the signals on and off, the indicator on the gauges will go off, then come back on around 10 seconds later. Any ideas what could cause this? It's bugging the crap out of me.
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this is destiny telling you that you need to make a left turn?

if it's an 06, take it back for a warranty repair.

could be a bad relay or shorted electronics.
Yeah i will be, just wondering if there's anything i can do in the mean time.
just put a little bit of black tape over the indicator light. problem solved
if i remember correctly, your bike has the automatic signal shut off?? when you engage the signal it comes on for a certain amount of time then automatically turns off?? if so, the mechanism that controls it could be busted.
Nope, don't think so. Definatly not if it doesn't come stock ...
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