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Thought I would share a recent purchase for anyone looking for dry bags for their bike or even as bags in their panniers.

I came across Lomo in search for a dry bag solution just in case my panniers ever spring a leak and found the bags to be very reasonable in price (too bad about the shipping from Glasgow)

I purchased a 40L motorcycle dry bag for a tail bag. It comes with a handle and loops to secure it. I also purchased 2 x 20L dry roll top bags to fit inside the panniers.

I haven’t used them yet but the overall quality looks top notch, very durable and thick construction. Fast shipping from the UK and good reviews.

Overall, even with shipping it cost me less for these 3 bags than anything I’ll find at MEC. The 40L was 12 pounds and the 20L was 5 pounds each. Sadly shipping was about $25 pound, but still all of it around $85 Cdn. Will see how it holds up but I have high expectations.

With the season upon us, I would give it consideration if you’re looking for some waterproof gear.



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