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Lookin fo a used bike sucka

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The search continues for a used bike, its so much easier to buy new. Oh yeah Holeshots in Langley has a 2001 gsxr 1000 for 12,000 I think. Been looking at the buysell and the used prices are high, there is a 95 cbr 900 for $7500 but thats too high. Well I better get me a bike before the dyno day:D
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Hey Guys hows it goin, that GSXR 1000 was in that silver/black trim, same price as a 2002 gsxr 750. I'll go on tuesday and offer them $8200 for the GSXR 1000:D. My price range is under $8000, but I am lookin fo a 750cc or 900cc bike. I'll see everbody on Thursday
That R1 for sale Ryan needs to be painted and was a icbc rebuild I think, looking for a bike with no accidents and less power than the r1. Kinda thinking of getting a 96-98 srad gsxr-750. Burnaby k has a 98 zx-9r for $8200 think the will take $7200 for it Lyod.
All of overthetop bikes need to be made street legal, I want a bike thats not raced
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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