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Lookin fo a used bike sucka

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The search continues for a used bike, its so much easier to buy new. Oh yeah Holeshots in Langley has a 2001 gsxr 1000 for 12,000 I think. Been looking at the buysell and the used prices are high, there is a 95 cbr 900 for $7500 but thats too high. Well I better get me a bike before the dyno day:D
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Manny! Dude, long time no....er, read I guess:confused How ya been? I say go for the Gixxer 1000, is it new?

If you'd rather have a used bike, I think Farhad has a ZX-6R you can have, but apparently the previous owner beat on it a lot. Bwa ha ha ha:laughing :laughing :laughing
manny3:16 said:
Hey Guys hows it goin, that GSXR 1000 was in that silver/black trim, same price as a 2002 gsxr 750. I'll go on tuesday and offer them $8200 for the GSXR 1000:D. My price range is under $8000, but I am lookin fo a 750cc or 900cc bike. I'll see everbody on Thursday
My old ZX9 is all prettied up at BK for an asking price of $9499. I'll bet they take $8000 for it.

manny3:16 said:
That R1 for sale Ryan needs to be painted and was a icbc rebuild I think, looking for a bike with no accidents and less power than the r1. Kinda thinking of getting a 96-98 srad gsxr-750. Burnaby k has a 98 zx-9r for $8200 think the will take $7200 for it Lyod.
I would think so. There's not a lot of value in used 9's right now because the 2002 is selling for $9,999!!
How much did they give you for your ZX9, Basilla?
Human said:
Blitz that was the 2001 ZX12R....
Let me clarify here, folks. The ZX-12 is a beautiful machine, but for my riding style, I much prefer the lightweight (relatively) ZX-9. However, I still feel that if you're in the market for one of these hypersports bikes, then the 12R is better than the 'Busa. Unless you're only going to do drag strips and quarter miles. The 'Busa is faster, but the 12R is a more practical and easier to live with bike.
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